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Carmela Minervini
Carmela was born in Secaucus, NJ. She lived the first 3 years of her life in Weehawken, and then moved to East Rutherford. Carmela went to St. Joseph's Grammar School from pre-k all the way to 8th grade. St. Mary's High School was the next step.

After high school, Carmela decided to take a year off and continue with her job as an assistant teacher in pre-k/daycare. She enjoyed being with the children, but determined that it wasn't the right field for her. Carmela then became an intern at WGHT and 8 months later, became part of the GHT family.
Favorite Food:
  Favorite Movie:  
The Shawshank Redemption
  Favorite Actor or Actress:  
Morgan Freeman
  Favorite TV Show:  
American Idol
  Favorite Musical Group or Artist:  
  Favorite Vacation Spot:  
  Three People (Dead or Alive) I Would Most Want to Have Dinner With:  
Bill Clinton, Rob Schneider, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  If I Wasn't Working in Radio, I'd Most Want to Be:  
A chef

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