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John Silliman
John is a life-long radio listener since 1960 (at least). Crazy about pop, rock, R&B, folk and even novelty songs. Worked as a volunteer in radio in high school, then went "pro" by 1985.

Though jobs in insurance, teaching and social work aren't usually considered preparation, John now knows what he was missing, and he doesn't miss it.

John's basic feeling is that life has been preparing him to mix the music of the 50s to the 80s, so there's a little for everyone, and it isn't boring and repetitive. We're always learning new tidbits about songs and types of music in general.
Favorite Food:
  Favorite Movie:   Somewhere in Time  
  Favorite Actor or Actress:   Gene Wilder, Jane Seymour, Christopher Reeve  
  Favorite TV Show:   Curb Your Enthusiasm  
  Favorite Musical Group or Artist:   Chuck Berry  
  Favorite Vacation Spot:   Being on air is vacation for me  
  Three People (Dead or Alive) I Would Most Want to Have Dinner With:   Muhammad Ali, Freddy Cannon, Ted Koppel  
  If I Wasn't Working in Radio, I'd Most Want to Be:   An eccentric musician  

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